Forward Together

Healthcare Industry Leadership Table

The Healthcare Industry Leadership Table (HILT) is a self-convened network of leaders from a variety of healthcare organizations, from large hospital systems to small nonprofit providers. Based on the Next Gen Sector Partnerships model, the HILT was created in 2018 to provide a forum for healthcare leaders in King County to organize around shared solutions to workforce issues, from training to recruitment to advancement and retention. Active participation from education and workforce organizations (including Highline College, Seattle Public Schools, the Seattle Jobs Initiative, and the UW School of Nursing, among others), ensures that the needs of employers are effectively transmitted to these organizations. HILT is by design not “owned” by any one organization; it is coordinated by one grant-funded staff member.

The HILT’s work is organized around quarterly meetings and two active committees focused on Talent Pipeline and Recruitment and Behavioral Health Skills.


Over 25 healthcare organizations are involved in HILT, including major employers such as Swedish Medical Center, Kaiser Permanente, and Seattle Children’s Hospital. The Talent Pipeline and Recruitment committee organized a Sound Careers in Healthcare event in April 2021 that exposed 450 high school students in Pierce and King Counties to career pathways in healthcare, with an emphasis on BIPOC and low-income students.