Forward Together

Anti-Racism in Tech Pact and DEI Center of Excellence

The Anti-Racism in Tech Pact, created in late 2020, is designed to help tech companies work towards ending systemic racism in their companies and actively collaborate with their peers as they do so. Signatories of the Pact commit to work diligently to ensure that within five years, their company will reflect the populations of the areas in which they operate – from board members to management to staff. They also commit to educate their own teams on implicit bias and share best practices on recruiting, developing and retaining people of color.

In order to support Pact signatories in this work, WTIA created a DEI Center of Excellence that aims to provide subscription-based services (such as benchmarking tools, a metrics platform, toolkits) to help companies of different sizes achieve these goals. (Pricing depends on company size, and some services are available for free to Pact signatories.)


More than 70 companies signed on to WTIA’s Anti-Racism in Tech Pact in the first year of its existence. Its first DEI Summit was held in November of 2021, with over 250 attendees. The DEI Center of Excellence, which now has a staff of three, is beginning to build out a set of services and tools for signatories to the Tech Pact.