Forward Together

Business Practices (3.0)

Improving the quality of jobs and diversity of the workforce in key sectors by shaping employer practices.

These initiatives are a response to the fact that most all areas of focus in this portfolio depend on employers adopting more inclusive practices in terms of hiring, training, pay, procurement, and more. To generate lasting change, Greater Seattle needs to expand these efforts with the following:

  1. Racial equity coalitions need to be formalized in other major sectors.
  2. Coalitions need to be staffed by full-time employees that can convene employers, identify specific areas that businesses are falling short, and facilitate knowledge exchange.
  3. Coalitions need to set metrics that they commit to working towards as a group – and create systems to report on progress.
  4. Employers need access to outside consultants that can help them make real, permanent operational changes.

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These Business Practices initiatives complement a portfolio of four inter-related areas of focus originally developed by a Task Force of 200 community leaders in academia, business, government, and not-for-profit. Specific goals, metrics, funding amounts and partners are detailed in the regional Economic Recovery Framework.

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