Forward Together

Business Attraction at Greater Seattle Partners

Business Attraction for Competitive Industry Clusters. What constitutes competitive? Industries that are growing or for which we have a distinctive global advantage. In 2021, GSP invested in global market research to understand how the world perceives Greater Seattle’s competitive advantages. The work builds on prior research and analysis provided to GSP for strategic planning and program design.

In 2022, GSP will deploy strategic marketing campaigns to capitalize on our strengths and bring in business and investment to the region. GSP will work with its Core Councils (Competitiveness, Global Trade & Investment, and Marketing) to align work programs to serve this initiative. We will partner with economic developers regionwide to bring new opportunities to areas underserved by the region’s on-going prosperity. We will also partner with communities with globally competitive sites to fill holes in local economies and serve regionwide supply chain and jobs needs. GSP will report back on jobs, wages an investments that come with the opportunities.

Middle wage jobs and equity concerns will rank high for our efforts. We will collaborate with regional thought leaders to understand how to best position areas in greatest need of new investment. GSP’s work will center on these concerns in our regional outreach and leadership collaboration.